Who are we?

We are Luden’s Lab – a creative agency that develops gamified solutions for social issues. We’re currently promoting our serious game ‘The Sky is the Limit – South Africa edition’ and are developing another version of this game.


Valérie Perridon

Her specialties are concept development, gamification and copywriting.


Marieke Veere Vonk

Her specialties are illustration, concept development and gamification.

We Research

In order to develop the right solution for your social issue, we put a lot of time and effort in research.

We Develop

We create lots of concepts for you to choose from, but also check these ideas with the target group, in order to be effective.

We Design

Our graphic skills are a must during the creative process, and we have a lot of them: ranging from illustrations to animated films.

We Promote

Having backgrounds in the commercial industry, we promote your projects if needed.

Our vision

We believe the use of gamification and serious games can contribute to social issues around the globe. 

Our history

We, Valérie and Marieke Veere, met each other at art school, during the project that eventually led to the board game ‘The Sky is the Limit’. Due to our passion for social design and gamification, and the amazing combined skill set, we started this business together to develop even more gamified solutions for international social problems.

Our future

We are always looking for new projects! Currently we are working on developing our ‘The Sky is the Limit’ game for another country, which will hopefully be launched at the beginning of 2017. Meanwhile, if you have any problems you’d like to be fixed with an exciting game, feel free to contact us!