January 11, 2016

Successfully raised €2525 with 60 backers

Successful kickstarter funding!

We are very proud to say that we have had a successful Kickstarter campaign. With this budget, we were able to manufacture our first prototypes of the South Africa edition of our board game ‘The Sky is the Limit’ and send one of them to South Africa. Hopefully at the beginning of 2017, our game will be available for hundreds of children around South Africa.

Some quotes from our backers

“Wow…using board games to try and educate and help better the world. Quite impressive.” – Ragamuffin Jojo

“Gamification for breaking cycles is very noble. Shalom!” – Brandon Roots

“Awesome! You should be very proud. :)” – Stuart Buck

Pledges up to €10 40%
Pledges up to €25 23%
Pledges up to €50 12%
Pledges up to €100 20%
Pledges up to €250 5%

Our backers

Jeroen Chabot
Claus Hetzer
C. Illanes
Jakob Lassen
Talita de Moraes Gomes
Nathan Daugherty
Helen Perridon
Dick Perridon
Brandon Roots
Bruno Setola
Christopher Schinke
Kerry Birmingham
Foxtrot Games
Mrs. Paganini
Peggy Smeele
Theo Verkerk

Defined Mind
Dini Nauman
Christoph Aulbach
Door de Beus
C. Heetland
Yolande Schweitser
Ferry Jansen
Rene Eikelenboom
Nenad Haak
Arthur Nauman
Zorica Majic
Margreet Donkers
Marian v/d Heijden
Kimberly Hom
Quirien Richard
Danny Richard

Ellen van der Vlist
Dan Martin
Esmee de Bloois
Michel Jansen
Aad Bruintjes
Ronald Kuijken
Marijke Kuijken
Willem de Vries
Stuart Buck
Erin Hawley
Elly Perridon
Bob Perridon
Karel v/d Haven
Joke v/d Haven

Rai Furniss
Joyce Vrielink
Sharon Ainspan
Jona Neld
Stig Jørund B. Arnesen
Marloes v/d Haven
Fia Perridon
Aad Bak
Xandra Rienks
Yvonne Stoopman
Arjan van ’t Land
Karla Wieten
Yvette Smeele
Richard Foortse
Monique Foortse
Jan Foortse
Ingrid Foortse